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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Maggie Simpson

My kids love The Simpsons, especially my daughter. She loves Maggie the most. She mentioned to me one day that it would be nice if mummy can put Maggie Simpson into the box for Daddy's lunch! And I did! How can you say no to your little angel ;P

Maggie lunch box contains : 
  • Teriyaki Salmon
  • Seaweed and Glass noodles rolls : Soaked up glass noodles and sliced some veggie like carrot for example. Mixed them well together and season with salt, pepper,soy sauce, pinch of sugar and little drop of sesame oil.  
  • Roll the noodles mix with seaweed sheet same way you do with Shushi roll. Dust the rolls with plain four and deep fry.  I usually make them before hand and freeze them in the freezer for later use during the week. They are great for after school snacks as well. 
  • The yellow rice I used egg yolk (boiled) and a little bit of yellow food colour then used the cling wrap to shaped up Maggie's head
  • The blue rice is the same with the yellow one.


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